popular mechanics dec 1931 pocketwatch


There are many parts to a watch. This area of the Museum attempts to expain some of the terminolog and functioning of a pocket watch.

(This information is incomplete and awaits a watch expert to point the way.)


There is exceptional material about escapements on the Wikipedia site, including some nice animations.

(It might be wonderful to add some animations here. Please let me know if you have one and do not mind it appearing here.)

watch escapements
escape animation

(From Patent 2690048. Is this a good animation? Unfortunately it contains some artifacts from the labels on the patent. It also has a problem in frame four where the rocking axis is moved to the right slightly. I will clean it up when I have time.)

Watch Sizes

Here is the standard watch size chart. (More explanation needed.)

Photographing Watches

I created a light box in order to control the light while photographing the watches.