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The Art of Breguet Daniels 220
French Clocks Tardy 550
Marine and Pocket Chronometers Bertele 100
American Pocket Watches Hoe 50
Comtois Clocks The Morbier The Morez Maitzner &Moreau 150
English Lantern Clocks White 350
Japanese Clocks Tuttle 70
The Clockwork Universe Maurice/Mayr 40
Thomas Tompion Symonds 20
Breguet Watchmakers since 1775 Gourcuff 100
Watchmaking Daniels 50
British Skeleton Clocks Roberts 25
The Art of Breguet Habsburg 20
Skeleton Clocks Collard 20
The Time Museum Catalogue of Chronometers Randall 70
The Ship’s Chronometer Whitney 60
Alt-Wiener Uhren museum 20
The Fusee Lever Watch Kemp 40
Repairing Antique Pendulum Clocks Jendritzki 35
Hamburg American and Junghans Clocks Krauss 120
It’s About Time Chamberlain 45
Bench Practices for Watch and Clockmakers Fried 100
Complicated Watches and Their Repair Carle 20
The American Watchmaker and Jeweler Abbott 30
Clock and Watch Escapements Grazeley 15
Chronometer Makers of the World Mercer 25
Lenzkirch Clock Factory (Part 1 and 2)
Watch and Clock Encyclopedia Carle 20
The Best of J. E. Coleman: Clockmaker Coleman 25
The Repair of American Wood Geared Clock Movements Barlow 25
Viennese Clockmakers and what they left us Claterbos 50
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